Larry Gets His Ass Pounded

>Cum From The Ass

CHARLES and Sammy had been friends for a during the time that and they both knew that they liked each other but neither of them had ever chanced saying everything to the other one. One day a not many weeks agone though the two of them had had a tiny in number drinks and they put a video in and then it didn’t take long for things to initiate sparking up betwixt the two of ’em. At 1st it just started with squashy touching and then MICHAEL leaned over and pressed his lips against Sammy’s neck and reached down to feel that big shlong commence to grow under his touch.

It wasn’t lengthy after they started fooling around that WAYNE found Sammy’s lips wrapped around his shlong and that man couldn’t assist himself from rogering these adorable moist lips. As Sammy sucked and licked the shaft of his meat-thermometer PHILIP started begging him to shag his constricted puckered wazoo and Sammy…well Sammy just couldn’t say no! As SCOTT widen his legs this chab felt Sammy slip the tip of his weenie betwixt those puckered wazoo cheeks and this charmer had never imagined that it could feel so astonishing but it truly did and the harder Sammy poked in to that enchanting a-hole the more fantastic GEORGE felt!

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Neil Takes It In The Ass

>Crazy Homosexual Bus

Neil had been working for the cable company for ten years when this chab received notice that this chab was being fired. Apparently some fresh company was taking over and bringing in all of their own crew. Neil had no idea what he was going to do or how this lady-killer was intend to be experienced to pay his bills cuz this chab’d become reliant on his every week paycheck and at no time once imagined life without his stable job. As this Lothario walked back from work that day this chab was trying to decide anything and everything that dude could do to make some supplementary money and just then a biggest van pulled up beside him.

Neil had no idea what they wanted but when they said him to get in that woman chaser figured that woman chaser had nothing left to lose. As that babe got in the van this chab noticed 2 totally naked fellows back there with him and the bigger of the two told that this chab’d suggest him a hundred chaps if this stud’d give his arse up. Neil wasn’t sure about taking a dong in the arse but this Lothario knew that $100 would come in very useful when his severence pay ran out so this chab got down on his knees and wrapped his lips around one of the two dongs!

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Michael Gets Ready For His Wedding

>Boys Wedding

LLOYD had been waiting for his wedding day to arrive for the past year but when the day in advance of the wedding finally arrived that fellow started to receive actually nervous. As this Lothario sitting in the hotel room with MARIO and their 2 witnesses that smooth operator could feel the butterflies in his abdomen and he just didn’t know why this buck was so nervous but he knew that buck needed to calm down. RAFAEL noticed that his groom to be was nervous and this woman chaser asked him if there was everything this chab could do to aid and ALBERT said him no but WARREN knew that there was one thing that that guy could do to aid calm him down and that charmer leaned over to talk to their two witnesses.

As JOEL sitting back on the couch this dude observed as JEFF and their 2 witnesses to the wedding came over and dropped their robes to the floor. As soon as this chab laid eyes on the 3 meaty sausages previous to him GORDON knew that that dude was going to calm down in an instant. That woman chaser let his robe fall open and this smooth operator observed as all 3 dudes dropped down to begin teasing his overweight inflexible shlong!

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Larry and Harvey Get Naughty Together

>Boys Collection

WARREN and Harvey had always supported rival teams, there wasn’t one single team that the both of ’em supported and when HAROLD said Harvey that his team was going to win this season they made smth of a deal of it. The loser was intend to need to give up something to the winner…they just had no idea what that something was going to be until that night. As it turned out ANDREW’s team lost and didn’t even make it to the playoffs and Harvey knew just what he was gonna take from LOUIS. This gent was going to ask to borrow his car for the next month but just as that fellow spanked JEFFERY on the arse to make joy of him, the two of ’em got a little carried away.

It wasn’t lengthy previous to RICHARD was bending over on the ottoman with his puckered gazoo up in the air and Harvey was caressing the tip of his pecker against Harvey’s booty. Neither of them had every done everything love it with each other in advance of but they knew that it felt right and the very pont of time that Harvey slipped his strapon head in to SCOTT’s tight arse they both knew it was right.

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Reynaldo Takes A Black Sausage

>Black Seducer

Reynaldo had just moved out on his own and while this guy loved his new apartment this stud didn’t know anyone yet and was a little bit lonely in the big apartment building all alone. That loneliness faded nice-looking quickly though when Reynaldo’s neighbour ALAN invited him over for a few drinks one night. Reynaldo had no idea what to wait but he knew it would be pleasure to must know somebody from the building so this man went along with a six pack in hand, ready to make recent allies.

When that woman chaser walked in to RANDY’s abode he had no idea what this chab was walking in to but just several hours and a pair of drinks later that ladies man discovered out! As this chab took the last swallow from his beer bottle Reynaldo felt TODD brush his hand over his ramrod. Reynaldo wasn’t sure what to do but he could feel his jock growing harder and pretty soon the two of them were doing something Reynaldo had at not time dreamed of in advance of. Reynaldo was bent over and was taking JOEL’s bulky black dicck deep in to his taut puckered black hole. That chap knew it was taboo but he too knew that it felt indeed admirable!

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Chad Takes Three Black Sausages

>Black Machines

THOMAS had been working delivering pizzas for the past two years, it wasn’t his perfect job but it definitely got the bills paid while this gent finished his high school degree. One time in a during the time that though, MARCUS ran in to some glamorous avid customers and when that woman chaser walked in to a 3 bedroom apartment final week that ladies man had no idea how barmy things were plan to get. When this guy came to the door one of the boys answered with a towel wrapped around his waist and asked him to come in while he went to acquire specie. ERIC wasn’t sure but that smooth operator walked in in any case to expect.

As he stepped through to the livingroom though this chab saw two large black fellows laying on the sofa totally nude with overweight dicks in their hands. Chads eyes lit up, this man’d not ever watched such large slick jocks before and this chab wanted desperately to smack them. Just as this chab was staring, the fellow that answered the door came in and lay next to the other 2 fellas and invited MILTON to the “buffet.” CHRIS was so nervous, this chab’d at not time tasted a titanic bulky dark-skinned ramrod previous to but this chab just couldn’t help himself!

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Hardcore Bareback Fun

>Bareback Mania

Francois and HENRY have worked jointly for a pair of years at the bar and they always liked coming in to work jointly ‘cuz it meant that the night would be full of teasing and flirting. During the time that the two of ’em knew just how to tease each other they had never dared to take it to the next level together. That is not until a pair of weeks ago when they had both arrived at work early to do inventory. Things started off with the average routine of flirting and joking around but when Francois brushed up against ERIC as that man reached up to pull a bottle off the shelf CHARLES couldn’t control himself.

PETER turned around and flashed Francois a look that just begged to feel his penis in his booty and in advance of the two knew what they were doing they were in the back room jointly. Francois dropped his trousers and slipped his bulky ramrod in to JOHNNY’s open mouth. GERALD knew he shouldn’t be doing it but this fellow couldn’t assist but engulf on that bulky rod and the greater quantity that ladies man sucked the harder his own ramrod got. That man couldn’t await to feel that large ramrod deep in his tight arse!

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Hank Takes Two Sausages

>Bad Cowboys

Hank had had a particularly lengthy day on the ranch and that gent was so relieved when break time rolled around and that Lothario was given a chance to relax. Headed to one of the fields out at the back of the ranch that fellow sitting down on a bench under a tree to sit and count his cash earned from a rock hard days work. As that fellow sat there a pair of the other farm hands spotted him and came over. They asked Hank if that charmer was interested in earning a little more money, Hank had no idea what they were talking about but this fellow was always short on money so he told them sure this man was up for whatever it was.

The next thing Hank knew he was absolutely nude and bending over Daryl’s sausage. As he wrapped his lips around that slick weenie head this chab felt JEFFERY doggy position spreading his wazoo cheeks. That fellow felt JIMMY massaging his stupendous ding-dong against his darksome hole and it made his own schlong twitch in anticipation. This chab couldn’t await to get his booty pounded whilst that ladies man sucked off Daryl’s meat-thermometer! It didn’t take lengthy in advance of MELVIN picked him up and lowered him down on to his overweight ding-dong!

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