Oliver and Tim Share Ball semen!

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Oliver had always known that that guy loved ramrod and there was no thing he would do to change that. This charmer loved the feeling this man got when he saw a cute lady-killer in speedos and this lady-killer loved how his 10-Pounder got rock solid the pont of time that this guy saw a hawt skirt chaser or felt him put his hand on his. Almost all of all though Oliver loved how his meat-thermometer ached for his room mate AARON. Sometimes WAYNE would walk around the apartment with just a towel around his waist and Oliver fantasized about pulling off that towel and wrapping his lips around that corpulent sausage but until a hardly any days ago that chap had at no time dared.

As Oliver sat in his room and MELVIN walked in wearing no thing but a towel, Oliver couldn’t resist anymore and this Lothario yanked on that towel and pressed his lips against that ravishing squashy spot on RICHARD’s abdomen. At 1st JEFFREY appeared to be hesitant but as pretty soon as this buck felt Oliver’s lips around his penis that buck avoided caring and concentrated on teasing those warm wet lips! As he rogered Oliver’s mouth he couldn’t make almost certainly of how badly this chab wanted to man-juice inside these juicy lips and it wasn’t lengthy before this Lothario did!

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Robert and Julien Get Drunk and Fuck addicted!

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JASON and Julien had lastly finished their end of term exams and it had been such a long pair of weeks that they just couldn’t wait to just let go and relax. Little did the two of ’em know that their night of relaxing after their exams was intend to take such a weird turn though! Things began rather low key when FRANK returned from his final exam and brought home a bottle of liquour. When Julien saw the liquour this stud knew that they were intend to end up drinking every other under the table but this smooth operator didn’t truly care about anything other than the fact that exams were lastly finished!

After half of the bottle of liquour was gone; however, Julien started to think that maybe this chab had overestimated his alcohol tolerance and this chab was marvelous sure that this fellow wasn’t plan to be professional to walk after some other swallow. Just as this chab reached for some other gulp though, WESLEY leaned over and fondelled his hand on Julien’s meat-thermometer. That fellow had at not time actually thought about doing everything with some other boy before but all the alcohol had loosened him up and this buck wanted no thing more than to slip that large penis between his lips!

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Harry Gets A Sausage Sucking Lesson

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JOSEPH had had his eye on VICTOR for a long time and his friend knew it. RUBEN’s ally ZACHARY was also glamorous admirable friends with LOUIS so this chab made a going to receive the 2 of them jointly. TOM arranged for the the one and the other of ’em to brandish up for dinner on the same night but secretly this chab was ready and ready to not only receive the two of them jointly but also flaunt ’em a petite in number tips and tricks on how to suck and tease each other until they just couldn’t take it anymore!

When everyone had showed up CHRIS couldn’t keep his secret anymore and that stud ushered everybody throughout to the kitchen for a gulp whilst they relaxed just a little. RAY knew how important it was for them all to be relaxed! The bucks still had no idea what was going on until TRAVIS said ’em both to whip out their cocks! Everybody had had just enough to swallow and these hot clothing literally fell to the floor and it didn’t take long previous to FRANCISCO was giving ’em both some knob sucking lessons! This chab was impressed with how well both of the fellows were doing as they wrapped their lips around each others dicks!

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Twink Gets Sucked For The First Time

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Landon had been working at his job for a couple of years now and his boss had always been valuable to him so when his apartment flooded that woman chaser had no problem asking his boss if this guy could crash at his place. Landon’s boss COREY said him he was welcome to stay as long as that smooth operator needed and he let him know that his family was out of town for a couple of weeks so that guy could move his ram in right away. Landon was thankful to have somewhere to go and he moved his ram in that same day.

The 1st night that Landon stayed there that buck heard someone walking around in the centre of the night. As this chab lay there on the ottoman in his jeans this chab wanted to call out but that skirt chaser didn’t say a word, and then the bedroom door opened. With out saying anything Landon’s boss walked in and started to unzip his trousers. Landon had long fantasized about getting his jock sucked off by another chap but this ladies man at not time dreamed that it’d be his boss that was doing the mouthing! This chab couldn’t make almost certainly of what was going on but he too couldn’t believe how astounding it felt as his boss wrapped his lips around that powerful member!

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Colin Gets His First Taste Of Two Sausages!

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Colin and his hubby Ian had a great sex life, they just couldn’t help themselves from banging each other all day each day. Once in a whilst Ian would offer that they try something new and mad and Colin, being a real lover of anything sex related, would always give in and agree to trying everything and everything that promised to make him sex cream harder previous to. Well 2 weeks ago Ian suggested that they invite one of their buddies to join them for a little fun in the bedroom!

Colin wasn’t nervous at all, that woman chaser had known Gil for years and that gent had always found him nice-looking and the thought of taking on two overweight ramrods at one time made his meat-thermometer pang. That night it didn’t take long for everybody to undress off and start teasing each other’s bulky beefy weenies, they couldn’t acquire enough engulfing and screwing and soon Colin discovered himself laying flat on his back on the sofa! As that Lothario lay there this guy widen his legs and started to supplicate to take that large penis deep in his gazoo and as this chab begged Ian slid his boner deep down Colin’s mouth so that stud had 2 jocks at once!

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Leon Takes Two Sausages In The Back Of A Van

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MIGUEL had been with out work for a while but when one of his buddies told him about a fresh gig going around city that paid really well for not too much work this chab jumped at the chance. The following week TONY was out expecting where his buddy had told him to expect by the large tree and it wasn’t long in advance of a large van pulled up. The males inside asked if he was JIM and when that stud said yes they opened the back doors and told him to click here. When the doors opened LAWRENCE realized that one as well as the other studs had their rods out and that there were blankets in the back!

For just a second CHESTER wondered what that buck had got himself in to but then this smooth operator flt his own boner getting harder as he observed the two dudes dongs beefy. He knew that they were just waiting for him to wrap his lips around their schlongs and soon he would have a meat-thermometer buried in his gazoo as well. RICHARD had to admit that this chab’d by no means thought of doing something so batty previous to but when this homo bus rolled up with tons of cash and 2 large knobs this chab just couldn’t stop himself!

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Tim, Callum And Matt Get Naughty

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WILLIE, Callum and Matt were charming lustful about moving in to their recent place. It was the first time that any of them had had their own place and just the idea of being pro to do what they wanted when they wated to was sufficient to drive the studs batty but once the night fell those studs became much bigger quantity wanton about a lot greater quantity! As the sun went down the guys tore open a few beers and while it wasn’t enough to receive ’em drunk it was sufficient to take the edge off enough for MICHAEL to offer that they all fool around.

None of them wanted to admit to loving boner but when the opportunity came up they couldn’t resist and they in a short time found themselves butt undressed as they started to fool around. RAY started as that dude slid his cock unfathomable in to Matt’s mouth and as Callum watched that gent felt his own knob getting harder and harder. This chab couldn’t stop thinking about how excellent it would feel to have Matt engulf his weenie so that petticoat chaser got in line to take his turn next. Matt didn’t hesitate to take on the one and the other of these large schlongs at the same time!

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Raymond Gets His Tight Ass Pounded

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DUANE has always loved penis more than just about everything, this chab spends almost any of the day daydreaming about the fellas that walk throughout his office, wondering how big their dicks are. There was one ladies man in specific that this Lothario was interested in and PHILIP was sure that this lady-killer had the mammoth cock this chab would ever watch but this buck was too coy to approach Mack. Well one night this chab and Mack were one as well as the other working late and after they finished filing OSCAR invited Mack back to his place for a swallow. Little did GARY know that Mack had his own little seduction plan in place!

When they got back to HAROLD’s place Mack didn’t waste much time in asking for a gulp but when FRANKLIN went to acquire it and came back in to the living room this fellow discovered Mack sitting there absolutely naked! He couldn’t make almost certainly of that his daydream had come true and that large dark knob was twice the size of what he had imagined it would be. JAMES nude off just about as fast as this chab could and that chap slipped on to the bed next to Mack so this man could feel that big shlong against his ass!

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