Kevin And Hugo Swap Goo

Real Man juice Swap

Kevin and Hugo had been drinking…to say they had been drinking would indeed be something of an understatement ‘cuz they were the one and the other completely drunk that night when things started to take a turn. The one as well as the other of ’em had girlfriends at home but they had decided to have a dudes night with a not many dumb movie scenes and a pair six packs of beer. Lengthy after the beer was finished though the guys started to experiment with smth they’d at no time attempted before. It all started when Kevin told this chab could crush Hugo and this chab sat on him. As this chab sitting on him he felt Hugo’s obese sausage starting to grow and poke him through his pants.

The 2 boyz weren’t likewise sure what to do so Kevin just sat there for a hardly any minutes feeling Hugo’s chubby 10-Pounder brushing against his booty. Then, as if they both knew, with out saying a word they started to disrobe off and then Kevin leaned down and wrapped his lips around Hugo’s strong dick. It wasn’t long before the fellows were sliding their ramrods unfathomable in to every other’s taut round booties. After a precious shag they couldn’t help but taste each other’s succulent sperm!

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Corey James

Corey James Corey James
Corey James @
Corey James joins us this week at This gent is a glamorous priceless looking white lad who’s into the club techno scene. This chab admits he’s not at any time had some darksome strapon brfore and is looking forward to his first time. So for his 1st time we thought we would hook him up with Intrigue. Intrigue has broken in countless darksome cock virgin white men and he is glad to add another one to his long list. Intrigue tells Corey right off the bat that as soon as they get back to the shag pad there is no wasting any time…his putting his bigger in size than standard darksome pecker str8 in his mouth. Corey doesn’t have a problem with that at all…hell, who would? So they acquire to the pad and just like Intrigue promised this chab stuffs Corey’s face hole full of dark wang. Corey goes to city on it and no problem taking it down unfathomable also. Mouthing large darksome cock is one thing…fucking it is another and Corey finds this out. U can tell Corey was thinking this chab bit off more than this woman chaser could handle but Intrigue wasn’t letting him get away until this petticoat chaser was done with him.
Corey James Corey James
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Daryn Teases His Penis

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Daryn awoke one morning with the hardest pecker he’d ever observed and this lady-killer wanted so badly to tanalize it and receive himself off as that fellow lay in bed awakening up. What bothered him though is that that petticoat chaser had a girlfriend and the dream he’d had right before awaking up was of a hot twink coming to stay at his place and teasing his erection in the middle of the night. The way the charmer snuck in to his room and slid his body below the covers and then started to caress his hand over Daryn’s ramrod…it left Daryn aching for his touch, aching to feel his palpitating 10-Pounder against his thigh as that stud got his meat-thermometer stroked off.

Finally Daryn knew that charmer couldn’t take any more, his jock was aching so badly that he had no prepossession but to slide his hand inside his boxer knickers and wrap his fingers around his powerful dick. As he slid his hand up and down his bulky jock shaft he imagined his recent twink friend leaning over and caressing his tongue against his pecker head. Massaging his warm smooth tongue around the head of his twitching shlong and as he imagined this chab started to jerk off faster.

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Cedrik, Ricardo

Cedrik might not seem adore this fellow is all that freaky at first – but after u spend some time around him you investigate that he’s fixated with the naughtier things in life. Luckily he has Ricardo by his side to aid him in this endeavor. This hunky lady-killer seems to have a rather handy butt-plug at the ready, and after a bit of mutual masturbation and misbehaving, that smooth operator went ahead and slide that plug in nice and unfathomable. Cedrik couldn’t hide just how lewd it was making him, and ends up busting all over the place.

Hank Takes Two Dicks

Bad Cowboys

Hank had had a particularly lengthy day on the ranch and that fellow was so relieved when break time rolled around and he was given a chance to chill out. Headed to one of the fields out at the back of the ranch he sat down on a bench underneath a tree to sit and count his cash earned from a inflexible days work. As that stud sitting there a couple of the other farm hands spotted him and came over. They asked Hank if this chab was interested in earning a little more specie, Hank had no idea what they were talking about but this woman chaser was always short on money so this chab told ’em sure this chab was up for whatever it was.

The next thing Hank knew that chap was completely undressed and bending over Daryl’s 10-Pounder. As this chab wrapped his lips around that wet schlong head this fellow felt George doggy style widening his buttocks. He felt George caressing his colossal penis against his rectal hole and it made his own ramrod twitch in anticipation. He couldn’t expect to receive his gazoo pounded whilst that fellow sucked off Daryl’s meat-thermometer! It didn’t take long previous to George picked him up and lowered him down on to his fat penis!

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Reynaldo Takes A Black Weenie

Black Seducer

Reynaldo had just moved out on his own and during the time that he loved his new apartment that fellow didn’t know anyone yet and was a little bit lonely in the titanic apartment building all alone. That loneliness faded alluring quickly though when Reynaldo’s neighbour Derek invited him over for a scarcely any drinks one night. Reynaldo had no idea what to await but this buck knew it would be pleasure to must know someone from the building so that dude went along with a six pack in hand, ready to make recent friends.

When that buck traipsed in to Derek’s house this chab had no idea what this chab was walking in to but just a hardly any hours and a pair of drinks later he detected out! As that woman chaser took the final swallow from his beer bottle Reynaldo felt Derek brush his hand over his pecker. Reynaldo wasn’t sure what to do but this guy could feel his schlong growing harder and pretty soon the two of them were doing smth Reynaldo had by no means dreamed of before. Reynaldo was bent over and was taking Derek’s chunky dark-skinned dicck deep in to his tight puckered dark hole. This smooth operator knew it was taboo but this woman chaser also knew that it felt actually admirable!

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Neil Takes It In The Ass

Crazy Gay Bus

Neil had been working for the cable company for ten years when this smooth operator received notice that this chab was being fired. Apparently some new company was taking over and bringing in all of their own workers. Neil had no idea what this buck was gonna do or how this chab was gonna be professional to pay his bills cuz he’d become reliant on his each week paycheck and at no time once imagined life out of his stable job. As he strolled back from work that day he was trying to work out everything and everything this chab could do to make some supplementary specie and just then a bigger in size than average van pulled up beside him.

Neil had no idea what they wanted but when they told him to click here this stud figured this man had no thing left to lose. As that babe got in the MPV that stud noticed two completely stripped boyz back there with him and the greater of the 2 told that he’d offer him a hundred studs if he’d give his butt up. Neil wasn’t sure about taking a wang in the ass but this chab knew that $100 would come in very useful when his severence pay ran out so this woman chaser got down on his knees and wrapped his lips around one of the two ramrods!

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Tom Colt

Tom Colt Tom Colt
Tom Colt @
It was time to take a break from the normal twinks I’ve around and snag me a homo bear. His beard was turning me on to the point where I just couldn’t take it anymore. He’s a real gent and knew his way around a bigger in size than standard dark pecker. His muscles came to worthy use as my rock hard pecker was getting slapped, jerked, and played around with. It is always priceless having a real smooth operator around and my white lad fit that mold. That lady-killer did a great job of getting milky white goodness out of his weenie…..and mine!

Tom Colt Tom Colt

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