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Andy Gets A Dong Sucking Lesson

Gay Lessons

Andy had had his eye on his room mate for a while, he watched him at night as that charmer was getting changed and this stud could feel his knob strong just thinking about trailing his tongue up and down his warm skin. Andy had no idea how to make the move on Derek though but when his next door neighbour came over one night with a bottle of wine things started to acquire heated up and it wasn’t long previous to Andy didn’t must worry about how to make the move at all!

As they all 3 sipped the wine they started to receive stupid with each other. Their neighbor reached out 1st and ran his hand down Andy’s arm, this stud leaned in and whispered that he’d observed the way this man was looking at Derek, that he knew what he wanted and that skirt chaser could assist. As the night went on their neighbour gave Derek a little additional splash of wine with each glass and in a short time Derek was so off his butt he didn’t notice when Andy reached over and brushed his hand against his wang. It wasn’t likewise long previous to Andy was taking 10-Pounder mouthing lessons from their neighbour and this chab was throat deep on Derek’s wang!

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Callum Sucking Three Dicks!

Real Drunk Boys

Callum had heard all about fraternities at the high-school that guy was headed to. His friends who already went to the high school had said him about how tough it was to get in and all the hazing rituals they had to go throughout to get over here to the fraternity but Callum had likewise heard that it would open many doors for him if this skirt chaser did acquire over here to the fraternity so that dude was ready to give it a shot and see if this dude could make it throughout the hazing process. When he made it throughout the first rounds Callum was nice-looking randy but as time went on things acquire sexy avid!

Callum was invited up to the house one day by three of his brothers and this chab was certain that he’d be picked for a reason, that they indeed wanted him in the fraternity. If solely he knew that this ladies man was being picked ‘cuz they liked the look of his lips! When he showed up the studs all three naked nude, handed him a bottle of Whiskey and said him to drink until this chab could drink no more then engulf off their jocks like their was no tomorrow!

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Adrian Adrian
Adrian @
I just got back from a job interview and it’s time to blow off some steam. I can’t go home or my wife will nag me to death. Little does this babe know that she shares a daybed with a closet homo whose nighty trips to the gloryhole are the norm. What would she do if this babe saw me getting stripped and beating my knob in this dangerous place? How would that babe react if she saw the father of her kids servicing the astronomical and thickest dark ramrods around? I could reveal her how to truly engulf a penis going on how well I treat my anonymous dark-skinned cocks. I more wonderful wipe the cum off of me before I go home or else the cat’s out of the bag.

Adrian Adrian

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Cock Hungry Cowboy

Bad Cowboy

Lance had been out of work for quite a few months previous to this chab finally found himself a job at a local ranch. The pay wasn’t all that great but it was definitely more mind boggling than nothing plus this guy gotta spend the majority of his days staring at cute guys so that was quite a bit of a bonus in his book. Lance had been working at the ranch for a week in advance of one of the other farm hands came to receive him and said him that their boss needed to see him in the back field.

When Lance gotta the back field this chab saw his boss standing there with his fat ding-dong out and this guy couldn’t tear his eyes away from it. This stud wanted so badly to slip it betwixt his lips and just as this chab was thinking that his boss told him to acquire on his knees and suck him off. Lance wasn’t about to say no and this man slipped that bulky powerful dong betwixt his lips and just as this chab started mouthing this chab felt the other farm hand rubbing his boner against his luscious warm back. Pretty soon sufficient Lance identified himself in a pecker sandwich!

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Anthony Sucks Off Black Cock!

Black Machines

Anthony has always loved knob, no thing this charmer could ever do came close to the feeling of a chunky cock nailed deep in to his tight gazoo. Well the one thing that Anthony had always desired but had at not time tried himself was darksome meat-thermometer and when this chab delivered a new television to a boyz apartment one day final week he saw his chance. As this woman chaser installed the fellows TV they gotta talking and it turned out that they had quite a lot in common and the boy ended up inviting Anthony over for a party later that night.

When Anthony showed up for the party that night that Lothario had no idea that he was intended as the party! That buck walked in and detected all of the chaps already drinking and sitting there in their underclothes. Still Anthony couldn’t bring himself to turn around and walk away and with a smile he sat down and started to swallow with them. Soon the males told Anthony that he needed to undress off also and it wasn’t too lengthy after that that Anthony detected himself bending over and taking a chunky copulate tool unfathomable in his butt while this smooth operator sucked off one more!

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Leo Chokes On A Fat Black Cock!

Black Seducer

Leo had been working later hours than ordinary lately and one night final week when he was over installing a new sink in a boyz apartment a enormous storm rolled in. It was already ebony out and Leo knew that he’d by no means be skilled to see throughout the pouring rain. Hugo, the lady-killer who owned the apartment said him to stay a whilst and have a swallow and hopefully the storm would soon pass. The storm didn’t pass though, it got much worse and by the time it showed any sign of letting up Hugo and Leo were both pretty drunk.

Hugo gave Leo the guest room but that night as Leo slept on the guest couch this chab felt someone walk in and lay next to him. As this chab lay there that fellow felt the colossal dong this Lothario had ever known rubdown against his butt and even though he’d by no means rogered a fellow previous to this chab just couldn’t aid leaning back against this astronomical anaconda. As that smooth operator leaned back Hugo moved and started to play with his massive cock around Leo’s mouth. Leo stuck out his tongue and let it circle the head of that stupendous dong. Then not fast this lady-killer opened his face hole and took it all in.

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Midnight Oral pleasure

Gay Cartoon

Tad had been driving downtown on the lookout for someone to pick up and take back home for a little “no strings attached” kind of joy. This chab had yet to see any males that suited his liking but when this chab drove past an alley he did see two studs beating up a 3rd boy. Tad couldn’t just drive past so this chab pulled his car in to the alley and as this charmer did so the other 2 chaps made a break for it. Tad ran over to see if the 3rd fellow was okay. That buck was widen out on the floor groaning.

Tad asked him if he was okay and if there was everything this chab could do to assist him but the smooth operator just kept saying thank’s and asking if there was everything that chap could do for Tad. Tad recognized that he was going in to shock and quickly he pulled down his pants and slipped the strangers ramrod in to his face hole in an attempt to catch him and snap him out of it. It seemed to work because the stranger forgot all about being beaten and started to screw Tad’s warm succulent face hole like there was no tomorrow!

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