howdy all ! I`m here for fun ,come join me and let`s see what happen !


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Jake Morgan & Deepdicc

Jake Morgan & Deepdicc Jake Morgan & Deepdicc
Jake Morgan & Deepdicc @
Jake Morgan throws parties for a living. Sounds kooky, but it is true: if u need anything from a larger than typical, corporate event to a small (but great) home party, Jake Morgan is your man! He’ll arrange it all — from locations and catering to entertainment! Jake’s just finishing up a somewhat big party (50 people), and this chap is secured a home that will accomodate the event, the caterers, as well as a DJ — "DJ Deepdicc"! "Why do they call you Deepdicc?" Jake asks, after they’ve met for the first time. "Let me show u," Unfathomable replied. With that, Deep pulled out his immense, uncut tool. Since there was 4 hours before the guests were to arrive, Jake decided to watch how much of Deep’s delightful man-meat would fit in his mouth! Right on the back patio of the location event! Unfathomable too warmed up Jake’s manpussy with his mouth before the 2 went back inside to acquire it on! It didn’t take long for Jake to learn why they call him Deepdicc! Unfathomable railed Jake’s worthy anus previous to painting Jake’s bubblebutt with his greater than standard load! Then Unfathomable played with Jake’s balls until Jake could, well…alleviate his stress from all that party planning! Has the appearance of one as well as the other fellahs are plan to have a great evening!
Jake Morgan & Deepdicc Jake Morgan & Deepdicc
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Sexy, tattooed and open-minded


I am a hawt Colombian smooth operator, very a matter of joke to play with u