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Ethan Sinns & Jake Waters

Ethan Sinns & Jake Waters Ethan Sinns & Jake Waters
Ethan Sinns & Jake Waters @
Ethan is working on his Masters and struggling so he made an appointment with the Teachers Assistant to get back on track. Ethan kind of has a crush on the TA Jake as well and was thrilled when he asked him to meet at his place over the weekend. Ethan was not sure if Jake played for the same team or not but when Jake took a call and left the room he disturbed his computer and on the huge screen was this cute guy riding a huge cock. Well Jake said to make himself at home so Ethan slides into the next room where Jake sleeps and was sniffing his pillow like a perv when Jake comes up behind him and asks "See Anything you Like?" From there it is on. Jake frees Ethan’s cock from his jeans and sucks right to work. Jake is not going to be denied that sweet ass and takes charge of his hole. Ethan’s hole may be sweet but Jake needs some meat as well and he rides Ethan until they both collapse to cum together. Same study time next week for sure.
Ethan Sinns & Jake Waters Ethan Sinns & Jake Waters
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As I always like to say, don`t worry, be happy, and let me make your day brighter


I`m Bill, I`m 20 years old, I love history and philosophy, I read a lot of literature, I love going to art exhibitions, I love art