Gay Lessons

Andy had had his eye on his room mate for a while, he watched him at night as that charmer was getting changed and this stud could feel his knob strong just thinking about trailing his tongue up and down his warm skin. Andy had no idea how to make the move on Derek though but when his next door neighbour came over one night with a bottle of wine things started to acquire heated up and it wasn’t long previous to Andy didn’t must worry about how to make the move at all!

As they all 3 sipped the wine they started to receive stupid with each other. Their neighbor reached out 1st and ran his hand down Andy’s arm, this stud leaned in and whispered that he’d observed the way this man was looking at Derek, that he knew what he wanted and that skirt chaser could assist. As the night went on their neighbour gave Derek a little additional splash of wine with each glass and in a short time Derek was so off his butt he didn’t notice when Andy reached over and brushed his hand against his wang. It wasn’t likewise long previous to Andy was taking 10-Pounder mouthing lessons from their neighbour and this chab was throat deep on Derek’s wang!

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