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Rico and Julio have been working as a personal chef and a pool man to a sugar dad they met for a not many years now and they’d always respected his rules of the abode – no banging around during work time. That’s until their boss left city for the weekend and left the two of ’em to their own devices. They knew that they should be taking care of the abode and the pool but they avoided for lunch and got a little carried away. It all started when Rico stopped to eat a banana and as Julio watched him eating the banana that guy felt his meat-thermometer getting hard and he just couldn’t assist but pull out a can of whipped sex cream!

As they started playing around with the sperm and the banana they ended up dancing every other nude in the kitchen. As Rico lifted himself up on the counter this woman chaser spread his legs and felt as Julios lips wrapped around his pecker. His jock started to throb and then Julio told him to turn around and widen his gazoo so that that buck could sink his tongue in to his gorgeous puckered backdoor!

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