White Boy Ass

The other night this cute white fellow went over to the apartment of the Black Seducer. This ladies man had no idea who the Darksome Seducer was, this stud just thought that he was another one of his classmates. They were supposed to be working on a group project but the Black Seducer had one larger quantity plans. This chab was looking forward to being a lone with this cute gent. This chab had been watching him for a whilst now and couldn’t await for this night to initiate! Take a see those fotos from the Dark Seducer’s adventure that night.

The white chap
was coyness at first, but it wasn’t long in advance of he was opening up to the Black Seducer – one as well as the other literally and figuratively. He had not at any time observed a knob so big and he couldn’t hide the fact that it was turning him on. It wasn’t long in advance of this white lad was giving his very first oral pleasure. He didn’t do bad at all for it being his first time mouthing strapon. Then that big darksome penis was permeating his tight booty. It’s a large rod and had to hurt, but the feeling of fun was worth it for this white gent!

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