Twink Simon is lewd!
Twink Simon is lascivious!

Simon had a plan. A going to acquire his foremost friend Abbas to avoid teasing him and truly have sex with ’em. One as well as the other the studs had been flirting for awhile but Abbas was very committed to playing inflexible to get and Simon was sure this chab wanted it too. So Simon asked an aged ally who told him a little joke. The joke is ‘How do majority lads become gay? the answer is; They are sucked into it’ and while it may not be that humorous of a joke, it is true that mouthing a ‘straight’ boyz ding-dong is the quickest way to receive him to fool around with you, plus you must eat his load! Abbas falls for it and by the end of this video he’s really getting a full load of Simons right in the kisser!

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