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Brad and DALE had acquiesced to discipline jointly for an upcoming marathon. Neither of ’em were particularly good runners, in fact neither of them indeed liked to run but they thought that it’d be a joy project to undertake together so they set about putting a plan together to kick off training for their upcoming marathon. The bucks made a list of protein shakes that they needed to pick up and they made a Fitness Centre schedule and then they set to measuring and weighing every other to make a record of their progress. One time that tape measure came out though the fellows couldn’t prevent themselves from measuring every inch of every others bodies!

Pretty soon the two of them had dropped that tape measure to the floor and they were pressing their lips against every other as they dropped down to the bed laughing. Their big jocks were already powerful and they couldn’t keep their hands off each other as they rolled around on the ottoman letting their hands move over each inch of every others bodies. Their breathing came harder and heavier and in a short time they couldn’t prevent themselves as they fondelled each others obese boners harder and faster.

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