>Black Machines

THOMAS had been working delivering pizzas for the past two years, it wasn’t his perfect job but it definitely got the bills paid while this gent finished his high school degree. One time in a during the time that though, MARCUS ran in to some glamorous avid customers and when that woman chaser walked in to a 3 bedroom apartment final week that ladies man had no idea how barmy things were plan to get. When this guy came to the door one of the boys answered with a towel wrapped around his waist and asked him to come in while he went to acquire specie. ERIC wasn’t sure but that smooth operator walked in in any case to expect.

As he stepped through to the livingroom though this chab saw two large black fellows laying on the sofa totally nude with overweight dicks in their hands. Chads eyes lit up, this man’d not ever watched such large slick jocks before and this chab wanted desperately to smack them. Just as this chab was staring, the fellow that answered the door came in and lay next to the other 2 fellas and invited MILTON to the “buffet.” CHRIS was so nervous, this chab’d at not time tasted a titanic bulky dark-skinned ramrod previous to but this chab just couldn’t help himself!

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