Cum From The Ass

Colin and his boyfriend Ian had a great sex life, they just couldn’t help themselves from rogering each other all day every single day. One time in a whilst Ian would suggest that they try something fresh and eager and Colin, being a real paramour of anything sex related, would always give in and assent to trying anything and everything that promised to make him semen harder in advance of. Well 2 weeks ago Ian suggested that they invite one of their friends to join ’em for a little joy in the bedroom!

Colin wasn’t nervous at all, this chab had known Gil for years and this chab had always found him sexy and the thought of taking on 2 bulky cocks at one time made his penis pain. That night it didn’t take lengthy for everyone to disrobe off and commence teasing each other’s bulky beefy knobs, they couldn’t get sufficient sucking and screwing and soon Colin detected himself laying flat on his back on the ottoman! As this chab lay there he spread his legs and started to supplicate to take that mountainous penis deep in his ass and as this chab begged Ian slid his schlong deep down Colin’s throat so this man had 2 rods at one time!

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