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Damon had been semi-stalking his fresh neighbour for a month now, that man thought this chab was hot and spent almost any nights laying in couch masturbating his cock and imagining that it was Olly from next door that was doing the stroking. Try as he might though this Lothario couldn’t get Olly to notice him, that’s until one day final week when Damon lastly got up the courage to say greetings. The two of them started talking and it turned out that Olly was having a party that weekend and he invited Damon to come along and meet several of his friends. Damon couldn’t wait.

The weekend finally rolled around and when Damon arrived at the party this chab noticed that it was merely him and 3 darksome men. As things went on everyone started getting a little bigger in size amount rowdy and lastly one of Olly’s friends just whipped out his penis and asked Damon if this chab wanted “some”. Damon looked around and soon sufficient this buck was surrounded by three hard chunky dark-skinned weenies and his fantasy had come true. His eyes lit up and as he nude and kneeled down on the daybed the other dudes took turns rogering his warm throat!

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