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Daryn woke one morning with the hardest dick that charmer’d ever observed and this Lothario wanted so badly to tease it and get himself off as that buck lay in bed awaking up. What bothered him though is that that skirt chaser had a girlfriend and the fantasy this Lothario’d had right in advance of waking up was of a hawt twink coming to stay at his place and teasing his boner in the midst of the night. The way the man snuck in to his room and slid his body under the covers and then started to massage his hand over Daryn’s boner…it left Daryn aching for his touch, aching to feel his palpitating wang against his thigh as that skirt chaser got his ding-dong stroked off.

Lastly Daryn knew this chab couldn’t take any bigger amount, his meat-thermometer was aching so badly that this chab had no preference but to slip his hand inside his boxer panties and wrap his fingers around his powerful shlong. As that buck slid his hand up and down his bulky jock shaft that lady-killer imagined his fresh twink friend leaning over and fondling his tongue against his dick head. Fondling his warm succulent tongue around the head of his twitching knob and as this charmer imagined this chab started to ALEX off harder.

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