Meet Davidson. This chab is a quiet twink that his boss has his eyes on. The male boss suggests him a hundred dollars and promise that it will actually help his career if this guy spends the night with him. Davidson is a little nervous but he needs the cash and actually craves a promotion so that woman chaser accedes to go over to his boss’s penthouse that night.

The boss said they would just unwind by the indoor pool but it was clear that he had other ideas. It started by the twink’s bathing suit coming off. The sight of Davidson naked got his boss inflexible and this smooth operator asked Davidson to give him a head. Davidson was still a little bashful but went to work on his bosses 10-Pounder. It was probably the unsurpassable oral job that woman chaser had ever gotten but the boss wanted more from Davidson. He wanted to copulate Davidson’s taut twink booty!

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