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Donny and Ashton have been allies for just as long as they could remember and the 2 of ’em went on to room together at university. The men went on to date honeys and they’d go out and receive drunk at parties and do the regular sort of college boy stuff. The thing was though that the 2 of ’em weren’t pleased, nothing they did kept them glad…no thing that is until they started to fool around one night and things got a little carried away.

The men started off by just drinking a scarcely any beers but then they started to acquire a little more touch feely and they just couldn’t stop themselves. Donny set his hand down on Ashton’s haunch and Ashton looked at him and flashed a wicked smile. The 2 of them knew that they shouldn’t proceed but they just couldn’t stop and Donny slid his hand further up Ashton’s haunch and that dude rubbed his hand over that bulky schlong. It didn’t take bigger amount than a scarcely any minutes before Ashton had his obese strong ramrod unfathomable inside Donny’s throat and Donny sucked that pecker like it was the final popsicle in the box.

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