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Frankie had been eyeing RODNEY for a lengthy time but he’d never had the balls to ask him out cuz quite honestly that gent didn’t think this petticoat chaser’d be in to him but final week at the company birthday party Frankie decided to do it. After a not many solid drinks he wobbled his way over to RONALD and whispered in to his ear to chase him and then this fellow walked off to an abandoned corridor of the corporate building. In a short time sufficient FRANCIS came following and asked him what was going on. Frankie hadn’t been sure how this lady-killer was going to lure CLIFFORD in but decided to be straight forward and unzipping his pants this chab whipped out his rod. CHARLIE’s eyes grew to the size of dinner plates.

BERNARD pulled Frankie in to an empty office and shoved him back on the bed, wrapping his lips around Frankie’s already beefy shlong. Frankie couldn’t believe that this was lastly happening and it took anything this chab had to keep from blowing his jism in GREGORY’s warm luscious throat. PHILIP ran his tongue around the head of Frankie’s sausage and sucked until Frankie just couldn’t take it anymore and blew a damp sticky load in his throat!

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