Two Cowboy Gangsters

Chocolate Mustang and EDGAR The Kid are 2 gay cowboys that are known throughout out the west. They’re known for their daring robberies, but often it is not just the cash that these 2 brawny boyz are after. It’s not a coincidence that nearly all of their robbery victims are pretty white boyz. They not only rob ’em for their specie, but then seduce ’em. They at no time miss a chance at a new piece of butt.

This day, they’re out riding around when they spot this cute twink. It doesn’t take much to tempt this lonely white dude. He’s soon on his knees giving a orall-service to the one and the other of the men robbing him. Of course, it doesn’t stop with a blowjob. That is just the starting of the fun here. Mustang and MANUEL take turns banging the boyz tight wazoo. When it is all over, they’ve taken his money and left him overspread in ding-dong juice.

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