Bartender Enjoys Two Cowboy Cocks

When Dark-skinned Mustang and LESLIE The Kid stopped by this saloon this day, the west’s almost any infamous gay cowboys wanted more than just drinks. While sipping on a hardly any beers, those 2 came up with a scheme not to just rob this place of it is specie, but to too rob the cute boy working behind the bar of his anal virginity. Inspect how the wild west was truly won!

At 1st the cute bartender thought it was just a usual robbery. His saloon was way out of the way and it was an elementary target for robbers, but this guy had at no time come across fellows like Mustang and JOHN previous to. They took his cash, then while still pointing the gun at him, Mustang ordered the gent to acquire on his knees. That is when they took out their jocks and coercive the bartender to commence giving them head. He didn’t hesitate at all, this charmer was afraid for his life. And when they said that they wanted to shag his cute a-hole, this chab did not waste anytime pulling down his jeans for them.

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