Gay Cartoon

Investigate those scenes from this Homosexual Toon adventure. This one features two karate students, as a award the winner acquires the other as a bondman for the day. Usually in a situation like this, the winner will make the loser clean, do all of his chores and things like that. However, the winner of this fight had something else in mind. Whilst his opponent was still on the ground, that Lothario ripped his trousers.

Next that dude ordered the loser to give him a irrumation. The opponent was shocked, this guy was str8, but this chab had no preference but to do what the winner wanted. He was pretty soon giving his very first oral stimulation. The taskmaster who had been watching couldn’t resist joining in putting his cock out their to be sucked. By the end, the loser was getting gazoo drilled by his opponent and mouthing his teacher’s schlong at the same time.

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