>Bad Cowboys

Landon had been searching for a job for months now and that guy was beginning to get despairing. This gent wanted no thing greater quantity than a job to keep his bills paid and get his girlfriend off his back but this buck just wasn’t having any luck. When one of his allies heard about jobs going up at the farm Landon thought that he’d try his luck and headed up there. There were lines of guys coming with out the door all looking for work and Landon was certain that that buck wouldn’t discover work with so many people applying for the positions but that chap had to give it a try.

When it came his turn Landon went in to the stable and talked with 2 of the other farm hands who were looking for an assistant farm hand. The chaps seemed impressed with his skill level but they said him there were a lot of other candidates in the trickling as well. Landon asked if there was anything this chab could do to improve his chances of getting the job. The chaps looked at every other and smiled and motioned for him to chase ’em out to the back of the stables.

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