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WARREN and Harvey had always supported rival teams, there wasn’t one single team that the both of ’em supported and when HAROLD said Harvey that his team was going to win this season they made smth of a deal of it. The loser was intend to need to give up something to the winner…they just had no idea what that something was going to be until that night. As it turned out ANDREW’s team lost and didn’t even make it to the playoffs and Harvey knew just what he was gonna take from LOUIS. This gent was going to ask to borrow his car for the next month but just as that fellow spanked JEFFERY on the arse to make joy of him, the two of ’em got a little carried away.

It wasn’t lengthy previous to RICHARD was bending over on the ottoman with his puckered gazoo up in the air and Harvey was caressing the tip of his pecker against Harvey’s booty. Neither of them had every done everything love it with each other in advance of but they knew that it felt right and the very pont of time that Harvey slipped his strapon head in to SCOTT’s tight arse they both knew it was right.

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