Crazy Homo Bus

Leon had been without work for a whilst but when one of his buddies said him about a fresh gig going around city that paid truly well for not plenty of work that skirt chaser jumped at the chance. The following week Leon was out contemplating where his buddy had told him to await by the mammoth tree and it wasn’t long in advance of a bigger in size than typical lorry pulled up. The dudes inside asked if this chab was Leon and when that man said yes they opened the back doors and told him to click here. When the doors opened Leon realized that both guys had their rods out and that there were blankets in the back!

For just a second Leon wondered what this chab had got himself in to but then that guy flt his own ramrod getting harder as this chab observed the 2 studs boners beefy. He knew that they were just envisaging for him to wrap his lips around their jocks and soon that woman chaser would have a erection buried in his a-hole as well. Leon had to admit that he’d not at all thought of doing something so desirous previous to but when this gay bus rolled up with lots of specie and 2 big rods this chab just couldn’t avoid himself!

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