Lucky Ryan & Unfathomable Dicc Lucky Ryan & Deep Dicc
Fortunate Ryan & Deep Dicc @
Majority of us who dread a day or 2 in the slammer. Super pervert and over-the-top freak Fortunate Ryan welcomes it. U watch, Lucky’s a self-proclaimed "creepy perv fuck" and that kind of behavior often lands him in a cell…which is A-OK by Fortunate. Whilst he’s in the slam, Fortunate looks forward to servicing his Cellie, especially if his Cellie is a dark gent. Favourable knows his Master when that smooth operator sees him, and Fortunate will drop to his knees immediately, in dictate to please. Fortunate acquires railed inflexible today — which is just the way he loves it.
Lucky Ryan & Unfathomable Dicc Lucky Ryan & Unfathomable Dicc
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