>Bad Cowboys

ERNEST had been working on the farm for just about as long as he could remember and one of his favourite things to do aside from working was breaking in the new farm hands. CHRISTOPHER gotta have a say in who got hired and who didn’t so whenever this fellow interviewed a new farm hand he made sure that he was plan to be elementary to break in and crazy to please. The latest farm hand Julio had appeared to be merely also happy to do everything that EDWIN wanted and that was just the way that SHANE liked them because it made seducing ’em so much easier!

It didn’t take much convinving to acquire Julio out to the back and have him engulf off GILBERT’s strapon, this skirt chaser seemed to understand that it was part of the interviewing process but this dude did seem a little surprised when THOMAS showed up with his big ding-dong out as well! Julio looked a little confused, this skirt chaser had at not time faced 2 weenies at one time but he seen figured out exactly how to handle ’em as that smooth operator lay on his side with his legs widen and that gent took SHAWN’s wang in his throat during the time that TROY started to permeate him doggy position!

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