>Cross Dressers

Malcolm was out touring city whilst he waited to meet up his daughter for lunch but when she called and said that this babe had an important client show up and bumped lunch to dinner this charmer was left to travel town all on his own. As he walked around this chab felt sort of strange looking around on his own until he ran in to 2 ladies who offered to expose him a few sights. Little did Malcolm know that a hardly any sights would turn in to a couple of ramrods!

The ladies didn’t look like real ladies to Malcolm but this skirt chaser wasn’t bothered by it, that man’d always thought crossdressers were type of taboo but the very fact that it was taboo turned him on more than everything. After a quick look around town th egirls invited Malcolm back to their apartment for a worthwhile lunch and being rather turned on furthermore Malcolm went back to their place with them and hoped and prayed that he’d get treated to smth greater amount than a sandwich. Pretty soon enough he found himself laying on the daybed as the ladies rubbed their chubby naked ramrods all over his stripped chest and undressed knob!

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