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Matt and MARIO had roomed jointly for just a small in number months now but it didn’t take lengthy previous to the two of ’em actually hit it off. It wasn’t long before the two of them found themselves sneaking in to every other’s rooms at night for a quick night time shag and then they’d get back to their own rooms and in the morning it appeared to be like nothing had happened. It was like a secret pact the 2 of ’em had that no one else knew about. Secret night time naughty escapades that took place beneath the cover of darkness.

Last week Matt walked in to the bath to take a shower and identified STEVEN soaking in the bathtub. This chab knew this gent was supposed to turn around and walk back out one more time but that Lothario couldn’t. He was rooted on the spot staring at EDWIN’s bewitching taut body and his penis bobbing up and down in the water. Matt smiled at him, asking if this guy could aid him with anything and TODD gave in. This chab said him yep and right there that stud naked naked and slipped in to the tub with him and reached over sliding his hand against his wet cock.

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