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Tad had been driving downtown on the lookout for somebody to pick up and take back home for a little “no strings attached” kind of pleasure. That man had yet to watch any dudes that suited his liking but when this gent drove past an alley this chap did see 2 boys beating up a 3rd charmer. Tad couldn’t just drive past so that dude pulled his car in to the alley and as this buck did so the other two boy-friends made a run for it. Tad ran over to watch if the third boy was okay. That gent was spread out on the floor moaning.

Tad asked him if that man was ok and if there was anything this stud could do to aid him but the man just kept saying thanks and asking if there was everything this chab could do for Tad. Tad recognized that he was going in to shock and quickly this charmer pulled down his pants and slipped the strangers dick in to his mouth in an attempt to catch him and snap him without it. It seemed to work ‘cuz the stranger forgot all about being beaten and started to bonk Tad’s warm smooth throat like there was no the next day!

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