Gay Lessons

Mr. Smith had lived next door to Gerry and Adam for a couple of years now but lately this chab could tell that they weren’t getting along. Each other night all this chab could hear out of their apartment was yelling and screaming and then inevitably one of ’em would end up crying. Well one night when things were relatively quiet Mr. Smith decided to drop by their apartment just to make sure that anything was okay and they hadn’t killed every other! When this gent knocked on the door Gerry answered and let him inside with a pretend smile.

Mr. Smith sat down with the fellows and lastly got without ’em why they were fighting so much. Gerry and Adam had no idea what they were doing in the bedroom and so neither of ’em came away from sex proud. Mr. Smith knew that this problem was easily resolved and this man endeavored to school ’em one as well as the other how to suck and copulate dick. At 1st Gerry and Adam were indeed nervous and not sure how to approach Mr. Smith as this chab stood there with his wang out but pretty soon they both relaxed and learned how to suck a real dong!

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