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JIMMY and GEORGE had been anxiously awaiting their wedding day for a during the time that but when the wedding lastly rolled around the two of them were so nervous that they had to take a not many shots and down a beer before they could even think about walking down the aisle! The a predicament was though that after a hardly any drinks the 2 of them started to get MARTIN and as the time slot for their wedding closed in all the 2 of them could think about was engulfing and fucking every others bulky ramrods and pretty soon that was just what they were doing!

Even though their wedding was quickly approaching it wasn’t the first thing on their minds anymore as WESLEY sat up on the desk in their hotel room and this chab widen these legs to display off his already powerful shlong. His dick just ached to feel ROBERT’s lips around it and as this Lothario sat perched on the edge of that desk with DUSTIN beginning to engulf on that large boner this chab couldn’t assist but commence to screw his throat! He felt as though he could spunk at any minute and as he grabbed the back of JOE’s head and pushed his knob deeper this smooth operator started to spunk!

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