Boys Wedding

DANNY and CECIL were just married and I guess it’s safe to say that STANLEY had a little bit likewise much to gulp at the reception after the wedding. It takes ADAM and one of their friends to walk him to the limo. ALBERT and the friend have had a little bit to drink too and inside the limo things receive very steamy. Observe those fotos of the action in the back of this limo. The ally that he was just ridding along to make sure they gotta the hotel alright, but he had other motives.

It wasn’t lengthy in advance of JESSE and the ally were kissing REGINALD, unbuttoning his shirt. In a short time, they were unzipping his pants and taking out his shlong. That lady-killer was already turned on and having the other boys play with his wang made that buck even harder. Pretty soon, the 2 lads were taking turns going down on LOUIS. This was one limo ride that none of them would ever forget. Just in time, as they were pulling into the hotel parking lot, CARLOS was willing to explode.

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