Nasty Fucking In The Minivan

You by no means now what is gonna happen in the next video of Avid Homosexual Bus. Today, the mates were driving around in their minivan when they spotted this cute white smooth operator. This chab was drooping out in the local park and needed a ride home. The boys were greater quantity than willing to give him a ride, but this kind of ride didn’t involve any type of driving.

Inspect photos from today’s Mad Homo Bus adventure. This boy claimed to be str8, but the next thing you know, that smooth operator is in the back of the van engulfing not just one, but 2 very rock hard copulate tools. He could claim it’s his first time engulfing jock, but this boyfrend has definitely had some experience deepthroating. And after he’s done giving ’em one as well as the other oral joy, this chab acquires banged by one as well as the other of them!

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