Crazy Homosexual Bus

Slutty has had a little bit of bad luck recently and after losing one of his part time jobs that ladies man was actually struggling to receive his bills paid. This buck knew that he’d must do smth to acquire the cash flowing so this man started asking around to see if anyone knew of any work going. One of his friends, Paul, told him that he’d see if this smooth operator could work smth out and that he should meet him on the corner of Vine and Apex on Monday morning and he’d try to work him in to the work schedule.

When Monday morning rolled around so did Paul, in a giant white truck. Paul flung open the doors to the truck and told Wanton to click this link, Lustful did as was said and as that buck looked across the van this Lothario saw an swarthy stud sat there with his schlong out. Looking back to Paul, Lustful asked him what was going on and Horny told him that if this chab featured on Nutty Homo Bus he could make hundreds at a time. Randy’s eyes lit up and with out saying a word this chab leaned over and wrapped his lips around that plump dark shlong!

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