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CALVIN and EDGAR were headed off to college and to be honest they were a little bit nervous about going. Neither of them knew each other and were worried that they’d receive stuck with a roommate who just didn’t “receive” them. When they both walked in to the dormroom and saw each other though they knew that they would acquire along pretty well. FRANCIS couldn’t take his eyes off ALLEN and whenever PEDRO bent over to pick smth up JAY couldn’t avoid staring at his booty.

Their 1st night alone in their dormroom the chaps started to talk. It turned out that they were the one and the other charming nervous about living on their own for the 1st time. WESLEY told BRADLEY not to panic also much as this Lothario pulled out a bottle of vodka. After a not many shots neither of ’em seemed to be worry about also much at all. They even started to unwind and as ALVIN laid back on his sofa and beckoned JEROME over to sit with him things got a little hotter than they had intended. It wasn’t lengthy previous to JASON had his mouth wrapped around ROBERTO’s ramrod and MIKE was fucking his face hole like you wouldn’t make no doubt of!

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