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JASON and Julien had lastly finished their end of term exams and it had been such a long pair of weeks that they just couldn’t wait to just let go and relax. Little did the two of ’em know that their night of relaxing after their exams was intend to take such a weird turn though! Things began rather low key when FRANK returned from his final exam and brought home a bottle of liquour. When Julien saw the liquour this stud knew that they were intend to end up drinking every other under the table but this smooth operator didn’t truly care about anything other than the fact that exams were lastly finished!

After half of the bottle of liquour was gone; however, Julien started to think that maybe this chab had overestimated his alcohol tolerance and this chab was marvelous sure that this fellow wasn’t plan to be professional to walk after some other swallow. Just as this chab reached for some other gulp though, WESLEY leaned over and fondelled his hand on Julien’s meat-thermometer. That fellow had at not time actually thought about doing everything with some other boy before but all the alcohol had loosened him up and this buck wanted no thing more than to slip that large penis between his lips!

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