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Warren and Jessie had spent all summer rooming together as they completed some additional classes that the two of them needed for graduation. Neither of ’em had ever truly been the studious type but they both knew that they would at no time graduate on time if they didn’t acquire their asses to work and kick off studying. By the end of the summer the two of ’em had spent so much time together that they knew everything about each other and they had grown charming close to every other. Finally after they one as well as the other had taken their finals they decided to throw a little party for each other.

Things started off with just a tiny in number drinks but it actually didn’t take long in advance of the studs were drunk off their asses and it was then that things started to acquire interesting. Warren leaned over and crammed his lips against Jessie’s and then that woman chaser reached down and rubbed Jessie’s shlong. That was all it took for the garments to begin flying across the room and pretty soon the 2 of them were massaging every other’s bulky rod and their face holes were crammed up against every other’s as they started to pump those cocks rock hard!

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