Cum From The Ass

Steve and Donald had been out a not many times already and it was obvious to the one as well as the other of ’em that the chemistry was there but they were both likewise demure to do everything about it. These 2 young males spent almost all of their days thinking about each other and day dreaming about what it’d be like to indeed copulate each other but lastly when that day came it turned out to be a million times hotter than they had ever imagined that it could be! The two of ’em had met up at a allies to get some pix taken.

To commemorate being jointly for a few months the 2 of them decided to acquire some pix taken in their friends basement. They had no idea that their ally was plan to encourage ’em to do a lot more than just pose though! As the 2 of ’em sat there in front of the digi camera their friend started to give them direction and it wasn’t long previous to Steve had Donald’s corpulent dong in his face hole and their ally was catching it all on digital camera! Fortunate for Steve and Donald every second got caught on film, including that sticky cock juice discharged!

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