Anal Ride In The Van

Have another thrilling adventure from Batty Gay Bus to share with u this day. This one features a straight lad that thought that charmer would be safe taking a ride home from a couple of strangers. However, this chab was in over his head and they were gonna make him pay for it. His car had broken down and that petticoat chaser had no other way to get back into town.

It was also far to walk so with this van pulled over and offered to give him a a ride, he thought that it was his lucky day. But instead of bringing him into town, they took a incorrect turn and ended up in the middle of nowhere. It was not by accident coz soon they had the van avoided and were telling him to take off his clothes. He couldn’t believe it, those studs were homosexual and they wanted to bonk him.

Take a ride on the Batty Gay Bus.

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