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LEON and ERNEST had been having some trouble lately, they just couldn’t acquire on to the same page as far as bedroom activities. One night when their neighbour and valuable friend JIM was over the two of ’em ended up drinking a little likewise much and opening up to RICHARD about their a predicament in the bedroom. HENRY smiled at them and told ’em that it was to be expected cuz no one ever unveils vids about how homo couples are supposed to keep each other happy in the bedroom. The fellows assented but asked BEN what they were supposed to do coz they were afraid that they’d end up breaking up. FREDERICK laughed and said the guys that that ladies man’d be glad to aid them if they didn’t mind.

It wasn’t larger quantity than an 60 minutes later when all three of ’em detected themselves in the bedroom jointly. The boyz were one as well as the other nervous but PHILLIP naked off first and said ’em not to be constrained and to think of it sort of like a lesson. KYLE couldn’t help but be nervous but WILLIE naked off and sat back on the couch with his weenie already violent and TONY instructed TYLER to gently position himself over that cock and slip it in to his ass slowly.

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