Real Drunken Boys

Tim had always been a hot quiet kind of gent, this smooth operator kept to himself for the majority part and rarely dated. Tim was much more of a computer sort of ladies man, this guy preferred to keep his interactions online cuz this chab had much more control over what people knew about him. That said, however, one night one of Tim’s friends from college showed up on his doorstep and asked if he could stay the night. Tim wasn’t likewise sure about the entire thing, he didn’t particularly adore to share his apartment but this chab knew his friend was in need so that gent told him to come on in.

It turned out that Tim’s ally had been kicked with out his apartment when his girlfriend discovered a stash of porn. As he told his story he kept taking swigs from a bottle of vodka and then he’d pass it off to Tim who would take a swig and pass it back anew. Pretty soon they were drunker than ever and when Tim dared to ask about the porn his buddy said him he’d brandish him just what it was. Before Tim knew what this chab was doing this chab was getting his strong meat-thermometer sucked off by his buddy!

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