Favorite Boys

Tony had been staying at his buddy’s house for a week after his house had to be fumigated and whilst that skirt chaser had known Jerry for a while this chab was also a little nervous about staying with his homosexual foremost ally. Tony had not at all liked dick, he’d at not time even attempted shlong but this chab was pretty sure that babes suited him fine…that is until one afternoon as this fellow was laying on the daybed after a shower. This chap was drying off during the time that this lady-killer lay there and happened to close his eyes for just a not many seconds.

As this chab lay there with his eyes closed he didn’t hear the door open and it wasn’t until Jerry was standing over him that Tony opened his eyes and saw that Jerry was watching his rod. Tony felt nervous and wasn’t sure what to do but as pretty soon as this ladies man opened his mouth to say smth Jerry leaned down and wrapped his lips around Tony’s stiffy. Tony wanted to say avoid but at the same time Jerry’s lips felt so precious mouthing on his strong shaft. Tony closed his eyes and lay back as this chab felt himself feeling more valuable than ever in advance of.

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