Two Unyielding Cowboy Dicks

Inspect the latest adventure from Bad Cowboys. It looks like Dark-skinned Mustang and BRANDON The Kid are back out another time, causing problems everywhere they go. This unlucky farmhand was savouring his lunch break when ALBERT and Darksome Mustang spot him. At first, the lady-killer thought that he was intend to be robbed, but those two bad cowboys had some different plans. They NATHANIEL’t steal cash from their victims, instead they still their anal virginities. U watch Dark Mustang and CALVIN are gay and they can’t live without banging constricted booties!

This poor farmhand had no preference to do what this chap was told. They pointed guns at him and dropped their trousers. They both were strong and wanted to get head. Pretty soon the dude was on his knees between them, giving his first blowjobs. It wasn’t long before one of the cowboys was banging the buck’s tight, virgin wazoo. It hurt like hell, the cowboy had a large shlong, but it felt so worthy at the same time! The farmhand had by no means older fun like this before!

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